Annicca Albano is a Filipina creative who has written about life and lifestyle. Her works have appeared on Young Star by The Philippine Star, Cosmopolitan Philippines, and DG Traveler. She has spent the past five years doing copywriting, community building, social media marketing, and email marketing.

She is a graduate of Speech Communication from the University of the Philippines, where she authored the first ethnography on spoken word in the country. After working as an associate editor for e-commerce startups, she made the leap into freelancing. She has also taken a 5-course specialization on Content Strategy for Professionals from Northwestern University and a course certificate on Brand Identity and Strategy from IE Business School.

A PCOS survivor and daughter of diabetic patients, Annicca uses her platform to share feel-good good food. This 2021, she opened a fast food franchise dedicated to Filipino comfort food with her mom and is now hoping to earn a certificate from Gluten-Free Baking Academy.

When she's not writing from the heart, she's baking with the intention of making others feel loved.