Photo Essay: Opening Shift

March 12th, 2023
This is a photo essay about the quiet moments before a bakery opens. It features Valerio's Tropical Bake Shop in Heartland Town Centre, Mississauga.

Dimmed bakery storefront with a sign that says

A collage of a dishwasher man and stacks of pots, pans and flour

Four bakers preparing their stations inside a fully-equipped kitchen

A collage of blurred hands cutting dough and frying disc-shaped batter

A collage of dough balls shaped by a machine and stuffed by hand

A collage of a baker shelving pastries, mixing batter and wearing flour-covered shoes

Filipino glutinous dessert with violet, yellow and white layers sprinkled with sugar

A collage of a bakery rack being wheeled out and a staff room

A collage of sugar-coated toasted bread being packed in bags

Close-up of hands putting sticker labels on packaged baked goods

A bakery staff putting loaves of bread on shelves for sale

A North American map mural with Valerio's logo and branch details

A bakery interior with shelves stocked with colourful baked goods

An unmanned bakery counter with bread and cakes on display

A door with red baskets and rows of bread on opposite sides

Photojournalist: Annicca Albano | Camera: Nikon D5600 | Editing: Adobe Photoshop & Premiere Pro

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