A giant Christmas tree with people standing and moving around it

Photo Essay: Coldest Winter

The photos in this essay were captured from the perspective of a newly-migrated person experiencing Christmas alone for the first time. It features Toronto's The Distillery Winter Village, one of the world's most popular, busiest Christmas markets.

Barrels that say

A staff in the middle of a street looking out to a crowd of people

A huge outdoor christmas tree beside the Canadian flag

Two people looking at a board standing against white trees

A star-shaped ornament that says

A pretzel stall with two people exchanging goods

A chalkboard sign that says

An open door with a signage showing opening hours

A person looking down on an illuminated pathway and a bag of souvenirs

An outdoor patio heater with five raised hands surrounding it

A vintage bar sign that says

Close-up of hands of two people holding red cups

A group of Christmas carolers in red cloaks passing through an alley

A giant Christmas tree with crowds of people standing and moving

Light painting of stars against a blurry nightsky

A close-up photo of a Christmas tree with gold and black ornaments and lights

A classic street clock and signage that says

A working person in an empty room beside a jampacked restaurant

A heart-shaped decor on top of a trash can

A reflective star decor that says

Reflection of a person on a bus looking out to a street full of lights and people

Photojournalist: Annicca Albano | Camera: Nikon D5600 | Editing: Adobe Photoshop & Premiere Pro

Note on video: This photo essay has been renamed "Coldest Winter" to capture the theme better.

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